Having authored and illustrated several award-winning books, it is TUTI’s mission to spread its high-quality titles and get them in the hands of children in every corner of the world. Likewise, TUTI is constantly on the look for books containing rich concepts, high-quality content, and creative illustrations and acquires several translation rights from credible publishers each year.

Based in Tehran, Iran, TUTI is among the handful of publishers who tend to buy and sell global translation rights strictly according to international copyright laws. Although Iran is not officially a part of any copyright conventions, TUTI’s principals are definitive regarding the rights of publishers, authors, and illustrators.

TUTI has acquired rights from:
Canada, China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and Uruguay

TUTI has sold rights to:
Brazil, Canada, China, Greece, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey

TUTI’s titles can be explored in detail both through our catalogs (here) or our list of books (here). Contact TUTI’s rights department through the “Contact Us” page or email (rights@tutibooks.com) for any of the following inquires: