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TUTI Illustrators Among the Winners of the “Image of the Book” Competition

“Image of the Book” is an International Illustration and Book Design Competition managed by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications of Russian Federation, in cooperation with The Association Of Book Illustrators and Designers at the Moscow Union of Artists.

TUTI Books is proud to announce that three of its illustrators are among the winners of this competition; Ali Bouzari for the title “Little Pea and the Sneaky Beast“, Haleh Ghorbani for “The World is Mine“, and Salimeh Babakhan for “Little Whale and Little Moon”.

“Little Pea and the Sneaky Beast” is a part of the “Iranian Folktale” series, illustrated by Ali Bouzari and rewritten by Asadollah Shabani. “The World is Mine” and “Little Whale and Little Moon” are also among TUTI’s latest titles.

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