“You Are an Explorer” Shortlisted for The Top 50 Books Among 1000 Titles in “The Cheltenham Illustration Awards”!

TUTI Books is honored to announce that “You Are an Explorer” has been shortlisted for the top 50 titles in “The Cheltenham Illustration Awards” while more than 1000 books had entered “The Story of a Better Tomorrow” competition.

The moving story of Shahrzad Shahrjerdi and the compelling illustrations of Ghazal Fathollahi perfectly fit together to take children on a journey in order to familiarize them with the great issues of war, refugees, and asylum seekers.

“You Are an Explorer” is the story of a crying girl whose brother suddenly tells her to pack their things and leave their house. Under the fire of guns and tanks, her brother tells her that they are going on a trip. He describes their journey as an adventure and asks her little sister to remain brave and strong since that’s how explorers are supposed to be.

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