“The Orange Girl” Selected for The White Ravens List 2021

We are delighted to inform you that “The Orange Girl” – written by Asadollah Shabani and illustrated by Mahkameh Shabani – has been selected for the White Ravens catalog 2021, published by the International Youth Library in Munich.

This year’s edition of the White Ravens catalog includes 200 titles from 54 countries in 38 languages. “The Orange Girl” is TUTI’s 5th title to be selected for the White Ravens list. “Cricket, Why Do You Sing?“, “The Boxer“, “Ace“, and “What a Brilliant Idea!” are the titles that were presented in the catalog in previous years.

“The Orange Girl” is part of a 10-title series of Iranian Folktale published by TUTI Books. Each title in this series explores a well-known Iranian folktale story, representing a small portion of Iran’s oral literature. The stories are rewritten meticulously to further suit today’s children. They are also accompanied by eye-catching and artistic illustrations, making them a perfect representative of Iran’s rich body of art, culture, and literature.

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