“Two Planets”, selected for The White Ravens list 2023

TWO PLANETS has been selected for the prestigious WHITE RAVENS list 2023!

This captivating picture book is about #tolerance, #attitude, #perspective, and #peace.
The universal theme, enchanting illustrations, and engaging storyline make it a perfect addition to any Child’s collection.

“Somewhere in the #universe, there are two planets called Corto and Shonto, both of which revolve around the same sun.
They are connected to each other by a huge and ancient bridge.
The people of these planets lived together in peace until, one day, a scientist from Shonto invents a device with which outer space can be seen more clearly.
The scholar enthusiastically draws a map of the #sky and the stars.

But this map leads to conflicts among the people of the two planets because the sky of Corto does not look the same as the sky of Shonto.

What is wrong?
The answer to this question is exactly the point that the book tries to raise with the reader:

  • what impact do our respective attitudes and perspectives have on what we see?
  • And wouldn’t it be wise and sometimes necessary to look at the world through the eyes of others in order to understand that others can be just as right as we are?

With “Two Planets”, the highly talented author and illustrator Masoud Gharehbaghi gives another example of his excellent and creative work.”

Being included in the White Ravens list is a testament to Two Planets’ #quality and #creativity.
TUTI Books is honored to have its titles recognized among the best in children’s #literature worldwide throughout the years! 🌍✨

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