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Alireza Goldouzian; Hans Christian Andersen Award 2024 Nominee

We are celebrating the remarkable Alireza Goldouzian, who has been nominated for the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award.

Renowned for his captivating illustrations in “The Pomegranate Girl”, Goldouzian’s artistic journey spans over two decades, leaving an indelible mark on children’s and young adult literature. With his works gracing national and international exhibitions and earning numerous accolades, Goldouzian’s nomination is a testament to his extraordinary talent.

The Hans Christian Andersen Award, often referred to as the Little Nobel, recognizes the lifetime achievements of individuals who have made a profound contribution to children’s literature. Goldouzian’s nomination is a celebration of his unique and influential approach, as well as his role in shaping the next generation of young illustrators.

We warmly congratulate Alireza Goldouzian for his nomination for the Hans Christian Andersen Award — a testament to his unparalleled artistry and unwavering dedication to the world of children’s literature.

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